This (autogenerated) page contains some of the letters I have written to various mailing lists - MERC/Envy, ROM and Circle - that may be useful to more people than just the original poster I responded to. The letters often contain code snippets, ideas or maybe just descriptions of how I implemented something on Abandoned Reality.

There is also a list sorted by date.

Instead of getting each text file seperately, you can also get the whole archive - all-letters.tar.gz. Filesize: 36039 bytes

Filename Description
act.txt Extending act: one act fits them all. July 96
autogsn.txt Automatically generating and defining gsns for all skills. January 98
bits.txt Easier specification of bitfield values. July 96
commands.txt Command flags to lower target checking code duplication. May 98
compression.txt My experiences with compression of in-memory MUD data. June 98
condensing.txt Condensing multiple messages. February 97
delay.txt How to delay mobprog command execution. April 98
eof.txt Problems with signed/unsigned char in various fread_ functions. January 97
gdb.txt Automating GDB backtraces. October 96
gsns.txt Fusing gsn definitions and declarations. Obsoleted by autogsn.txt. February 97
ispell.txt Sample code for interfacing to Ispell. June 97
magic.txt Adding magic numbers to structures for a safer act(). December 96
oomemory.txt Recycle lists in C++. April 98
pload.txt Loading/changing offline players. December 96
printing.txt Printing on your local printer from the MUD. October 96
racelookup.txt Optimizing Envy2's race_lookup() with a hash table. July 96
rcs.txt Using RCS for MUD Development. March 97
recovering.txt Recovering from pfile loading failures via longjmp. April 98
ships.txt How ships work on Abandoned Reality. May 98
short_name.txt Converting a short description to relevant keywords. April 98
ssm-hash.txt Improve SSM hashing speed by a factor 15. April 97
tables.txt Creating string lookup tables based on an enumerated type. January 97
tedit.txt TEDIT - text entry database - description and usage. April 98
vt100.txt Using VT100 escape codes for a stable prompt. September 96
wild.txt Overhead wilderness. December 97