Miscellanous small programs

Mobprog editing mode for XEmacs/Emacs

Download this small mode for editing MobPrograms within Emacs. It supports some syntax highlighting and automagic indentation. It is meant mostly for Abandoned Reality but should highlight and indent MERC mobprogs properly. There's a screenshot.

Note: works under XEmacs and Emacs now!

Midnight Command PJB interface

Download this small script and follow the instructions: you will be able to do a cd #pjb in your Midnight Command and examine/copy new files to/delete files on your PJB Jukebox. There's a screenshot. You need Python 2.0 for this.

Misc Python utilities

Download this Python module with various utilities such as hex dump, traceback with locals, an enum class etc.

wdiff for xemacs

This elisp file will run wdiff, comparing your current checked-out file with the latest CVS version and generated a marked-up listing of changes This is a useful diff for text-files.

Miscellanous C/C++ xemacs utilities

ccutils.el (v1.0, Feb 13 2002) -- various utilities for C/C++ programming: automatic insertion of header file include guards, generation of javadoc skeleton documentation, generation of a skeleton implemention from a prototype and #include insertion.

All the above programs are placed in the Public Domain.
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Nov 16 A few user contributions to LeakTracer
Sep 19 The wonderful world of CSS
Feb 13 New XEmacs elisp -- C/C++ utilities

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